Saturday, 18 February 2017

Mission 2016, a new Ugandan crime-action-spy film

Written and directed by Mukasa Kelly James, the writer behind Sipi, the movie talks about the lives of a group of former street children, who now run organized crimes mostly robberies on the streets of Kampala. The gang is hired by a government spy to steal government secrets from a rogue government official to stop him from selling them off abroad.

Production of the movie started in July 2016 and shooting started on December 4th and closed on Christmas eve of 2016. The film is a production of Linsbin International Entertainment together with Abyssinian Ronin Productions.

Mission 2016's cast includes Allan Watson Waswa (Sudi), Micheal Kiiza (Jeff), Shakira Kajjumba (Lexy), Hadijah Mbabazi (Patra), Leticia Kebirungi (Cleopatra), Andrew Okunya (Mr. Babu) and others.

The movie will be premiering mid 2017 in different regions of the country. So you gotta watch out for the premiere dates by checking our blog.
Mission 2016 on IMDb

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