Sunday, 2 November 2014


Kim Kardashian
You may know her as Kim Kardashian, or Kanye West's wife, or mama North, whatever you choose to call her. Well, she is known for ever flaunting her booty on and off the big screen but has always been betrayed by her private screen at home, which usually outs her booty in its full totality.

Mrs. West is actually not coming to Uganda, at least not even a single rumour has it, but it seems like her camera network at her home is spreading a dangerous virus around the world by commanding celebs' cameras, friends and relatives to out their private pictures. Remember she is the queen of nudes and they usually find their way out. Whether leaked or deliberately released by a hater, I still call it the Kim Kardashian virus. The list of celebrities that have seen their private photos on the public album include Miley Cyrus, Rihannah, Nicki Minaji, and not missing my list are our Ugandan celebrities Cindy Sanyu, Brenda Nambi, and many more. 
Musician Desire Luzinda

Oh, My God, how did I forget the new nude social media sensation, Desire Luzinda? Apparently, everybody on facebook posts nude pictures of this queen or better do her V and teat cover pose. Patrick Kanyomozi, Bobi Wine and Capital Fm's Daniel Irish have all mimicked desire's pose. However Daniel Irish's picture, which had been posted on the KT20 on 91.3 capital fm page has been brought down already. 

So many Ugandan celebs have been victims of this virus but other celebs mimicking them has not been common. The Kim Kardashian virus has now given birth to a V and teat pose in Kampala. My opinion on this whole Desire V-pose thing is that celebrities should not be making fun of their colleagues but instead try to console them when such problems erupt. The thing is that you are all in the public eye and you never know when the wheel of fortune crashes you too.
Bebe Cool and Patrick Kanyomozi mimicking Desire Luzinda's nude V and teat pose

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