Monday, 3 November 2014

Milege World Music Festival, Repainting Uganda 2014: Coming in real style

This year has been a very musical year with so many music festivals all around Kampala. Musicians and music lovers have treated themselves to a number of these festivals and had the most fun of their lives. They include World Music Day, Bayimba International Festival, KCCA Festival, Pearl Rhythm Festival and the coming, stylish two day Milege World Music Festival, Repainting Uganda 2014.

The Milege World Music Festival, Repainting Uganda 2014 will be hosted in Entebbe Botanical Gardens on the 22nd and 23rd this month (November 2014). Entrance is 10.000 Uganda Shillings for those who will want to enjoy for just a day, and 20.000 for those who will be camping at the site, to enjoy both days' events.However, you can still pay 10.000 on Saturday 22nd, enjoy, go back home and pay another 10.000 when you come back on Sunday 23rd. Tickets can be bought online using a debit card or mobile money or paying cash at the entrance. The event will have different stages, which will be open to life with full packed action live music from 2pm till late on both days, and then campers can go back to their tents.

Annet Nandujja

Campers can come with their own tents or still rent already available and erected tents by Milege Afrojazz Band. A single tent for one bed goes for 30.000 Uganda Shillings and a double tent for two beds goes for 50.000 Uganda Shillings. Medical facilities, Wi-Fi Internet, and many others will also be available at a cost.

 This event will also see different art products from Repainting Uganda project displayed to the public and sold at very affordable prices.For all people who love art, and would love to decorate using great art pieces, made from simple, local materials, and bringing out great meanings, Repainting Uganda will quench your thirst.
This festival, unlike the rest, will jet in different world musicians from Uganda, Africa and the rest of the world, all to celebrate world music. One of the celebrated world musicians Anyango, from Japan, will perform at this festival. Other musicians to perform include Watmon Cultural Troupe, Nandujja and the Planets, The lantern Meet or Poets, Higenyi Troupe, Bolton Serunjogi and many, many more.

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