Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hon. Nabilah Sempala sings "If I were a boy" at Milege Acoustic Project

Kampala Woman MP Hon. Nabilah Naggayi Sempala has proved she is not only a parliamentarian, politician and activist but also a good, actually a great singer and musician. The Honourable MP was  at Milege Acoustic Project at Makerere University Guest House on Thursday where she took to stage and sung the famous Beyonce song "If I were a boy."

Hon. Nabilah was actually not hit by most musical conundrums that are usually associated with star hopefuls hitting any musical stage for the first time searching for that hidden talent inside them. She easily and very well coordinated with the instrumentalists and her co singer and her voice didn't get out of range making her an epitome of a great singer and musician. She swept all the revelers by their feet with a very pop song and she did it well, adding humour and with a very great stage presence. 
She was one of the most talked about performers of the night and she was sharing the stage with Ugandan representatives to last year's Tusker Project Fame, the Undercover Brothers Ug, Milege Afrojaz Band and the ever growing talents of the Milege Acosutic Project.

The Milege Acoustic Project happens every Thursday at the Makerere University Guest starting 7:30pm up to 10:30pm and it's a mic for anyone who wishes to sing, recite a poem, tell a story, play a game or act a skit and play an instrument.

Check out the clip below

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